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Digital Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Digital Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Experts in digital transformation

Here at Kleverr, we are experts in the art of digital transformation. With many solutions to help small businesses accelerate the adoption of digital technology, let us guide and assist you in choosing and implementing the right solutions for you. Reach out to us today for a free consultation with our experts.

Digital Accounting

Take the plunge into modern accounting and let us guide you through the digital bookkeeping journey. With Kleverr Management Solutions, your financial management is faster, cheaper, more efficient and more secure than traditional accounting. Thanks to our Premier National Partnership with the biggest and most experienced national accounting firm, your transition to cloud accounting will be simple and easy. Your monthly or quarterly meetings with our specialized CPAs will provide the guidance that your business success requires.

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Digital Bookkeeping

Eliminate paper from your organization. Our bookkeeping services are done entirely digitally, using technology that is accessible to everyone and easy to use.

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Corporate Taxes & Compliance

Improve the control of your financial management by using our Digital Accounting solution to handle your business' yearly corporate tax filings and financial statements.

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Dashboard and Benchmarking

Stay up to date on your business's key performance indicators (KPI's) using our Digital Accounting solution. Monitor the status with real-time data and compare your results with similar businesses to identify areas of improvement. If you use some of our other solutions, we’ll connect them through APIs onto a single dashboard, providing you with a 360-degree overview of your business.

Digital Marketing

Kleverr Management Solutions provides the full spectrum of digital marketing services. This includes helping increase your SEO ranking, managing your social media, optimizing your paid advertising campaigns, updating your company’s branding and much more. Attract new clients and retain the ones you have now through our all-inclusive marketing approach. Thanks to our Premier National Partnership with an international digital marketing leader, when you market your company through Kleverr, you get reliable marketing communications, strategic campaigns, email newsletters, SEO strategies, and a strong social media presence.
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Client Interaction Platform

Communicate internally and externally with ease using our state-of-the-art platform. Used by thousands of businesses, this world-class solution for client interaction will allow you to increase new client attraction, increase the number and quality of your Google reviews and allow you to cater to your clients' favourite means of communications
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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Collect feedback from your customers in real-time by measuring their satisfaction and engagement. Take control of your customer's experience and ensure their satisfaction every time. Use your promoters to seamlessly spread and share their positive experience with your business.
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Digital Marketing Services

We've put together packages and turnkey solutions designed specifically for your industry. Stay in control of your budget and get valuable intel on your ROI to monitor the results of your marketing initiatives.
Whatever your needs, Kleverr’s marketing solutions allow you to position your business ahead of your competition, communicate more effectively with your clients, build a solid digital reputation, attract and retain more satisfied customers and build a successful business while concentrating on what you do best.

human resources

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At Kleverr, we provide the entire package when it comes to HR solutions.

✔We offer Telemedicine, Mental Health, and Assistance Services as added benefits to your employees to lower absenteeism, reduce staff turnover and increase employee attraction
✔Securely store and organize your employee's information in a single centralized cloud-based solution,
✔Easily send and track assignments to employees and monitor their progress
✔Monitor employee satisfaction, engagement, and employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) to avoid staff turnover and increase morale
✔ Easily comply with ever-changing HR regulations
✔ Train and strengthen your team's management knowledge
✔ Receive live HR advice

Kleverr’s Human Resource solutions allow you to grow and develop your team in line with your business strategy. We’ll make sure you stay up-to-date with regulations, we’ll help you understand and address your employees needs and allow you to spend less time managing problems and more time managing your business.


Our payroll module features comprehensive functionality, data protection, multiple payment options, security and analytics. Through our Premier National Partnership with a leading national payroll supplier, connect your payroll data to our multifaceted dashboard for a 360-degree overview of your HR KPIs.

Human Resource Advisory Service

Kleverr’s Premier National Partnership with a national leader in HR advisory services allows you to benefit from your own HR department for a fraction of the cost. Whatever curveball your employees throw at you, you can rely on external HR experts to help guide you in the right direction to avoid costly legal mistakes. Use our Live HR solution for all your HR needs: creating an employee handbook, setting up efficient and engaging performance evaluations, filling your pipeline of potential recruits to fulfill your open positions.

Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Monitor your eNPS to better understand your employee’s needs and keep the pulse on their engagement level. With this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to avoid unexpected employee departures and increase employee retention. Our world-class solution is used by thousands of businesses throughout the country. Track the trends and connect your eNPS data to our multifaceted Dashboard for a 360-degree overview of your HR KPIs.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Our HRIS solution is designed to help your company save time managing everything from your employees’ recruitment and onboarding to performance reviews, training and compensation. One place for everything HR! Connect our HRIS to our payroll solution and take advantage of added benefits and time savings.

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

With Kleverr’s Premier National Partnership, you will be able to add an affordable EFAP (less than 20$/per employee per month) to your employee benefits packages. With same-day telemedicine appointments, mental health care and multiple assistance services for your employees and their immediate family, you can reduce absenteeism, increase morale and reduce stress on your team.

Experience Reliable Business Management Solutions

Kleverr Management Solutions provides Human Resources, Digital Accounting, and Digital Marketing solutions to businesses. Our goal is to provide user-friendly software that will not only benefit you and your company, but also your clients as well. Have any questions or want to get started? Feel free to reach out to our experts!

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