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Teledentistry is the use of technology to communicate between a dentist and patient remotely. This can be used for consultations, education, or even to exchange imaging. Kleverr Management Solutions offers teledentistry for your dental practice. Some of the many uses include:

  • For dental emergencies for both existing and new patients
  • To collect dental history
  • To diagnose a patient
  • To offer a prescription
  • To schedule a virtual dental appointment and to offer extra time

Teledentistry is another way to provide exceptional dental care to your patients. With recent Covid-19 concerns, it's the perfect solution to interact with patients who would rather stay at home than come for an in-person visit.


  • Saves time for both the patient and the dentist.
  • Great for patients with mobility issues who have trouble traveling, as well as mothers with young children who cannot find childcare
  • Helps to improve the oral hygiene of dental patients
  • Brings in new patients who otherwise would not see a dentist for various reasons
  • Is great for short consultations where having a visual of the patient's mouth to offer reassurance offers peace of mind
  • Improves customer satisfaction rates
  • Allows quicker, more efficient access to dental specialists


Teledentistry offers the same level of care to your dental patients as in-office visits. Plus, they reduce the amount of time taken out of patients' work days, which improves their productivity and quality of life. If you are looking to add to your dental practice in Canada and up the ante for your dental patients, get in touch with one of our experts at Kleverr Management Solutions. You can also find us as TeleDNTL on the App store. Don't delay - get started with your digital transformation today!