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In this day and age, attraction and retention of employees are at the heart of every company's success. Mental health has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind during the Covid pandemic and experts say it will take years to lower anxiety and stress levels.


Ongoing stress leads to exhaustion and apathy, often resulting in a lack of productivity and psychological burnout. Our EFAP can help prevent this, by providing your employees critical support before their stress snowballs into a crisis.

Services provided in our EFAP solution:

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Even before COVID-19, telehealth and telemedicine were growing. When someone receives services from a healthcare professional remotely, they save time and it's convenient. When you partner with us for our business management solutions, your employees will have unlimited access to a physician for diagnosis, preventative care, prescriptions, and more. By offering this great service, you'll increase employee attraction and retention, as well as cut back on absenteeism, saving you money in the long run. Contact Kleverr Management Solutions to get started today.


Mental Health

Did you know that mental health is the fastest-growing claim for long-term disability in Canada? It's a growing problem that your small business can help with. When you choose Kleverr as your human resource solution for your Canadian small business, your employees will have unlimited access to psychologists for diagnosis and treatments. Whether you are suffering from sleep disorders, grief or anxiety, our team can help. Help reduce disability claims and keep your employees happy and healthy. Learn more today.

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Assistance Services

Your employees are people too and they have many things going on in their lives that they may need help with. This includes family, marriage, child care, work issues and financial support (credit and debt management, budgeting, bankruptcy, financial aspects of separation and divorce, financial emergencies, retirement planning, employment transitions, and real estate). Our integrated health platform can ensure your employees have access to get the help they need to achieve a fulfilling work/life balance. Our team responds quickly so that your employees feel well-cared for. Reach out to get started today!

Employee and Family Assistance Program

Benefits of Our EFAP:

1.) Increased Productivity

When employees are distracted by personal problems, they become less motivated and creative at work. They may also start to use more sick days in an effort to cope.
Needless to say, these absences have serious consequences. However, statistics show that after an EFAP is introduced, productivity increases, sick leave usage decreases by 33%, and work-related accidents by 65%.


2.) Affordable for Employers to Implement

One of the major benefits of our EFAP is that it is surprisingly affordable, sitting under $15 per employee per month, covering the needs of their entire immediate family as well (spouse and children).

3.) More Positive Work Environment

Our EFAP can help troubled employees by providing support as well as an outlet to discuss their issues. As a result, the employee experiences an improvement in stress levels, which will positively affect other co-workers.

4.) Increased Employee Retention and Attraction

A positive work environment is a key factor in retaining talented employees and keeping employees productive, present, and happier while on the job. Furthermore, this program is especially useful in attracting and retaining millennial employees as they are less hesitant to reach out for help regarding mental health issues, and are therefore more likely to appreciate and make use of an employee assistance program.


Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS)

Our Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) solution allows you to keep a pulse on your employees' experience and satisfaction while working for your business. As an employer, you have the ability look through the data and then easily provide the information to stakeholders. By using this solution, not only do you send the message to your employees that you care about their satisfaction, but you are able to see areas with room for improvement in terms of employee engagement. This will increase your employee retention long-term - get started today!

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

Our HRIS solution is designed to help your company save time managing everything, from your employees’ recruitment and onboarding to performance reviews, training and compensation. One place for everything HR! Connect our HRIS to our payroll solution and take advantage of added benefits and time savings.


Our payroll module features comprehensive functionality, data protection, multiple payment options, security and analytics. Through our Premier National Partnership with a leading national payroll supplier, connect your payroll data to our multifaceted dashboard for a 360-degree overview of your HR KPIs.

Live HR

Kleverr’s Premier National Partnership with a national leader in HR advisory services allows you to benefit from your own HR department for a fraction of the cost. Whatever curveball your employees throw at you, you can rely on external HR experts to help guide you in the right direction to avoid costly legal mistakes. Use our Live HR solution for all your HR needs: creating an employee handbook, setting up efficient and engaging performance evaluation, filling your pipeline of potential recruits to fulfill your open positions.

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