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Through our Premier National Partnership with a world-class client interaction management solution, you will be able to centralize multiple incoming communication channels and offer messaging options so that you can better communicate with your new and existing customers.


“The way that consumers find, engage and choose a business has changed dramatically in recent years. Instead of turning to their family and friends for recommendations or frequenting the same businesses over and over again, they are turning to the internet to help them make purchase decisions. As a result, businesses that don’t make it convenient for consumers to find and interact with them online are going to be left behind."

Grow Your Business

Businesses using our Messaging Platform have sold 5x more goods or services because of sales initiated or made through text.

SMS has become the preferred form of communication

77% of businesses using our Messaging Platform feel that their customers are more satisfied receiving text
messages from their business than other forms of communication.

Increase efficiency

Our Messaging Platform helps users save 5 hours a week on average.
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Use our platform to:

  • Centralize customer interaction and make it convenient through desktop-to-SMS communication
  • Improve internal communication for a better customer experience and improved customer satisfaction
  • Easily collect customers' feedback and satisfaction (NPS) so that clients stay longer and your operational environment improves
  • Easily collect client reviews on Google and Facebook for better client attraction and strong reputation management
  • Connect website visitors via text messaging to convert leads into sales
  • Collect payments through integrated SMS messaging, which reduces efforts and delays in collection


Research shows customer feedback and satisfaction, as well as Google reviews, are critical to your business. With our client interactive platform, we'll collect customers' feedback and satisfaction (Net Promoter Score NPS), as well as client reviews on Google. This will help with customer attraction, retention and operational improvements. Learn more today!


Kleverr Management Solutions offers a wide variety of cloud- based management solutions to meet your needs. Whether you need help with HR, digital accounting, or communications, we can help. We offer turnkey solutions that are easy to implement and can help you grow your small business quickly. Partner with us today!


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Whether you want to build your business from the ground up and need a new website or need assistance building your online presence and reputation, we can help! With our Digital Marketing Solutions, you can manage everything from one centralized platform. It includes planning out your social posts, monitoring the status of your ad campaigns, watching your business' organic ranking grow, and much more.

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We offer customized marketing solutions to suit your needs. Every client is different, so we take the time to discover what you need.

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Kleverr can help take your small business in Canada to the next level with our digital marketing solutions. Reach out to learn more today!