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Join the Digital Revolution and start your digital transformation by taking advantage of our Premier National Partnership with Canada’s leading Digital Accounting firm. From your monthly dental bookkeeping to your year-end tax compliance reporting, our certified CPAs and tax experts will guide you to success.


Simple, easy, efficient and fast, digital accounting is changing the accounting landscape at lightning speed. No matter the size of your business, start saving now and join the revolution.


Many small businesses struggle to keep up with their books, especially if it's not their cup of tea. Luckily, Kleverr Management Solutions can help. We offer digital bookkeeping services for Canadian small businesses that includes monthly bookkeeping, quarterly business reviews, and annual financial statements that will help you know exactly where your business stands and will allow you to make informed business decisions.


Our digital accounting experts have converted hundreds of businesses from traditional accounting over the years. Rest assured that your transition will be simple and easy, allowing you to quickly take advantage of the multiple benefits of digital accounting: lower cost, efficiency, security and accuracy.


Sometimes the amount of time spent on year-end taxes and compliance can be overwhelming for a small business owner. Ever changing regulations, staying up-to-date with various agencies for different payments to avoid late fees and penalties and understanding what all the numbers mean can be daunting. When you partner with us, we will accompany you through the journey leading to your corporate tax filings and compliance, as well as helping you understand your financial statements. Get in touch to learn more today.


Being able to know where your business stands with given metrics is crucial to your success, to make informed business decisions, and to set and reach your short-term and long-term goals. Having access to your key performance indicators (KPIs) can provide a comparison to industry benchmarks, both in ensuring you are on the right path and in knowing when to pivot.

Monitor your performance with real-time data and let us connect all your KPIs onto a single dashboard, providing you with a 360-degree overview of your business in a simple snapshot.


Whether you are looking to expand into new markets or if you are looking to sell your business, it is crucial to know the market value of your business. Through our monthly digital bookkeeping reporting, we can provide you with an estimate of your Enterprise Value (EV) on an ongoing basis. Whether your industry relies on multiple of EBITDA or other formulas, we will help you know your EV and understand the driving factors for


Improve your financial control and management with Kleverr’s digital accounting solutions. From digital bookkeeping to helping you with your taxes, we're here to help. Reach out today to find out more!
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