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Interact seamlessly with your clients via text messages and manage your online reputation from one centralized Inbox


Communicate with your internal team via text messages to reach everyone easily.


Collect more feedback from your clients on their experience and monitor your Net Promoter Score to improve client satisfaction.


Easily collect reviews from clients on Google and Facebook to improve your online reputation.


Interact in real-time with website visitors through text messaging. Create auto-responses to FAQs to save time.


Transform every mobile device and desktop in your business into a secure payment processor to easily collect payments from your clients.


Every conversation in one place

Podium Inbox puts your important customer conversations in one easy place, so you don't have to constantly keep checking all your social media platforms for comments and reviews. No matter where the conversation started, Inbox keeps it organized.

Manage Your Inbox

Easily mark read and unread messages, assign conversations to different employees or business locations, filter conversation types, and define permissions.

Take it with you everywhere

With mobile and desktop apps, you can communicate with your leads, customers, and teams from anywhere, right at your fingertips.

See what's important

Podium intelligently groups incoming messages so you can see which messages need attention at a glance so you can respond more efficiently.

No more going in blind

With Contact Profiles, you have access to every customer insight at a glance, so you don't have to guess who you're talking to before you respond.


Send and receive photos, videos, and all major file types.


Send personalized messages and invites or make it easier with customizable templates for repetitive content and fast responses.

Auto Responder

Funnel leads from your website to your inbox with Webchat even when you can't respond in person.


Set up conversations to be automated, like review invites, feedback requests, answers to FAQs, and reminders.


Give the right people access to the right conversations.


Convert better with Webchat

Webchat lets you easily capture leads while they're on your turf—straight from your Website to a text conversation. Try it out here in the bottom corner of your screen.

Talk how they want to talk.

Powerful business conversations start by meeting your leads on their preferred mode of communication—text messaging.

Stop fishing for contact info.

You'll start with a name and an actual "real" phone number, so you can focus on providing excellent service and closing the deal.

Keep the conversation going.

Don't tie up your clients in front of their computers. Let them bring the conversation with them on their SMS Inbox, so your leads stay hot even after they leave your site.

Text like a human.

Answer questions, schedule appointments, and close deals with genuine, friendly interactions that are convenient for you and your customers.

Match your brand.

Use the default Webchat widget or make it your own with a customized button, avatar, greeting, and after-hours reminder.

Track your performance.

Google Analytics integrations give you details into how your visitors interact with your site and which pages perform best. See and compare each employee's response times and conversations managed.

Multi-Location Transfers

Easily transfer conversations from one business location to another.

Daily Digest Emails

Track Webchat performance with a daily report of new inbound leads.

Auto Responder

Start the conversation and capture the lead even when you can't be there.

Smart Responses

Automatically respond to FAQs like business hours or store locations.


Stop losing sleep over one-star reviews.

Outnumber them instead. Give the other 99% a voice by making it easier for them to leave great reviews.


Because it's more convenient by text for your clients, PODIUM does the heavy lifting—and even automates the process. You'll get more reviews faster than with any other type of invite.


See and respond to every review from one manageable Inbox.

Analyze better.

See your reputation's health at a glance with powerful analytics.

Show up where it matters.

Gather customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and tons of industry-specific review sites.

Automate review invites.

Gather online reviews automatically after a transaction so you can rank higher and your leads can find you easily.


Be instantly alerted and respond in-app when a review is posted.


Send personalized messages or make it easier with customizable templates.

Competitive benchmarks

Compare star rating, review count, and the quantity of reviews to see how you stack up against your competitors.


Customer satisfaction surveys that actually work

Just like everything else in Podium, it's easy to get quick responses from your customers when you text them. Feedback makes the process easy. Gather feedback through two quick, automated messages. No links, no lengthy surveys.

Hear back in real-time

Reach customers where they're most engaged and get responses in minutes, not months.

Turn customers loyal

Understand what's working and fix what isn't, so customers keep coming back to your business.

Ask the right questions

Use templates or write custom questions. Ask about customer experiences at any touchpoint, not just post-purchase.

Resolve issues immediately

Get alerted when customers have a bad experience and resolve issues through private, two-way conversations—before they walk away or share their bad experience.

Scheduling and Automated Responses

Schedule feedback requests to be sent after particular events and set custom follow-up questions based on customers' responses.


Determine your Net Promoter Score and monitor its evolution over time.


Make payments part of the conversation

Get paid fast and keep the conversation alive whether you're at home, in-store, or in the field. Podium text-to-pay and card readers have you covered.

Sell while you text

Send a simple link to close deals before the customer loses interest.

Get paid faster

By requesting payment in an existing Podium text conversation, you'll see much higher response rates than with traditional methods.

Industry-standard rates

There is no monthly cost—pay a standard processing fee per transaction, with one flat rate for every payment type.

Customizable invoices

Brand your invoices with your company name and logo. Specify payment methods for certain types of customers or purchases (only allow e-check, disallow credit card, etc.).

Data at a glance

Quickly see who has completed the payment and who needs follow up. Promptly export to your accounting software with integration-friendly data formats.

Card readers built for local business

Make payments convenient for you and your customers. Initiate every payment request from any computer or mobile device, collect payments through wireless card readers, in-store and in the field, gather reviews and opt-ins post-purchase, and do it all securely.

Multiple Bank Accounts

Connect multiple bank accounts to make sure the correct departments are getting paid.

Line Items

Easily itemize your invoice to help customers see exactly what they are paying for.

Payment Methods

Give the flexibility to pay with credit, debit, HSA, bank transfers, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Secure and reliable

Our fraud model helps protect you from taking payments from stolen cards, and our PCI-compliant software protects you and your customers.


All from one centralized inbox

Your employees don't read their emails! Podium makes it easy to collaborate with your team members and manage all your internal communications. No unopened emails. No phone transfers. Just frictionless messaging.

Connect from anywhere

Instantly connect with your employees whether they're out in the field, on the sales floor, or at another location.

Send direct and group messages

Keep every member of your team on the same page simultaneously by simply sending direct and group messages.

Send pictures, videos, and more

Share images, videos, GIFs, and attachments with your team instantly, so they always have everything they need to deliver outstanding experiences.

Adjust notification preferences

Stay focused on what's most important by getting all the messages and updates you need and filtering out those you don't.


Our partnership with Podium allows us to have a solution for each and every struggle that you may have as a business owner.

We are able to offer you 6 services for the price of 4 with our premier national partnership with podium